Friday, 27 February 2009

luke and loui

this is a picture of my friend luke, and his best friend louisa. i don't know louisa all that much, but shes absolutely beautiful. as is luke. so although i have done this image in my notebook without faces, it would be a complete shame not to draw the whole image for a final piece in my portfolio. fingers crossed i don't mess it up too much so the humour goes and all i'm left with is a deformed couple, and two people who are a little bit offended by my terrible observational skills.

these two are amazing. louisa goes to university in london i think but her and luke's home is in southampton, so although they don't see each other every day, like most friends, they always seem to have such an amazing time, whether it be at a car boot sale or on a night out.

i think all friends should be like this. and i am lucky enough to have a very similar relationship with a select group of people. and this is my dedication to an amazing unfaltering friendship...

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