Wednesday, 13 May 2009

toy museums

last month i took a nice little trip to some toy museums in london. i got a few pictures and drew a few things, but i've been a bit busy turning 21 recently so i haven't had a chance to blog/draw/be sober. so slowly but surely ill be putting some new work up on here as soon as my scanner starts working, and as soon as i have some more time. anyway, i managed to get an "O.K-ish" picture of a drawing i done.

these are hand puppets. i always though hand puppets were a bit odd, and slightly invading. i bet these poor animal imitations would have something to say about us humans sticking our filthy mitts up their bottoms if they could say words! anyway, i believe in order from left to right these strange looking things are supposed to be a bear. a tiger. and a cat! i shall call them Ted, Tag, and Kit!

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