Sunday, 24 January 2010


these are 4 of the 6 images i had to hand in for my alice's adventures in wonderland project. i played with the colours a bit too much so alice turned out looking a bit like a prostitute doll and the tea party looks like a mustard fest. but oh well. they didn't come out too bad considering 2 sleepless nights were spent feverishly attempting to get everything finished. thank god it's over. i need to re-work my cover (which i didn't include in this blog) since it was RUBBISH! but i'm considering popping the rabbit image in there somewhere ready to send to puffin. i have like a month to tweak it so i guess we'll soon find out how it goes...

apart from that, i have nothing to report. it's been a stressful, tear filled, food and sleep deprived week, all topped off my a terrifying crit and lot's of booze. so i think it's been yet another successful week at the kingston castle.


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