Tuesday, 31 May 2011

things to do now i'm a free(er) woman:

1: READ BOOKS! it is actually a bit mad how much i’ve missed reading the last few weeks.

2: DRAW FOR NO REASON! i absolutely can not wait to draw for myself, and not in a mad frenzy to get something done for uni. although i do have a few commissions to help me pay for NY, i am still excited to make my own work, even if it is for a week or so.

3: VISIT/SEE MY FRIENDS MORE! working so hard recently has made me miss home/my friends a lot. i need to start reconnecting with them before i bugger off out of the country for a month.

4: HAVE A BIG CHILL! today was the first day in almost 4 weeks where i actually got to spend time looking after myself. ie: doing my washing/spending 2 hours cooking an amazing meal/reading yesterday’s paper/listening to the radio. i didn’t realize how in need of a chill i was until now.

5: SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY BOYFRIEND! he put’s up with a lot with me. enough said really. i owe him a lot.

6: FIND A HOUSE! moving into a new house with some brilliant new people next year is going to be amazing. but first, i need to help us find somewhere to put all us amazing people…

7: ORGANIZE WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING IN NY! i need to sort out where i’m going to sleep really. i’m going out there on my own now, so i guess i need to start planning properly. i’m a bit nervous already. i wish i had a compadre coming.

8: SORT OUT MY SLEEPING PATTERN! after not going to bed until 6am every night and getting up at 8am the last 3 weeks, my sleeping pattern is buggered. hence me making lists at almost 2 am.

9: SORT OUT MY WEBSITE! (shameless plug: www.daniellewatt.com) i spoke to Charles Hively of 3x3 about this and he advised me that my website makes me look like a Fine Artist. i must rectify this.

10: GO TO OXFORD! i’ve been wanting to go to the pit rivers museum to do some drawing for months now, i will make sure i go before i go to NY! OR ELSE!

yeah, 10 is enough for now…

just for fun, considering this post is a bit wordy. here is a picture of me about to sneeze:

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