Friday, 13 March 2009

coolest guys...EVER!

this is the final going into my portfolio for my uni interviews 28" x 30". not everyone i wanted could fit, but the ones i did fit in came out alright...apart from jeff buckley, who looks like an out of work actor from a gremlin christmas film, that went straight to dvd.

talking of uni interivews: the first of which (camberwell) i found out is NEXT TUESDAY! im bricking it! fingers crossed they like my work enough to ask me back for a proper interview, and that i dont totally fuck it up...if i do fuck everything up...AHH WELLZ!

these guys are my fave...i plan on making a little collecton of them. jim, bob, devendra, bowie, jeff, cash, prince & michael will shortly follow. these are just in my notebook, but for my portfolio i plan on putting them all on one piece, that will hopefully be taller than...ME! i havent drawn properly like this in ages, and ive almost never done it in biro, so its nice and refreshing to discover, i do still know how to draw...

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