Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I'm still waiting on an interview date for Kingston university, so to stop myself from worrying about it, i went to BRIGHTON! it was sunny, i got bad hay fever, a rashy face and i got a bit sunburned. but i did get to draw lots and i spotted the guy who plays arthur weasley in the harry potter films whilst having dinner one night. he was all ginger and sunburned, and so was i. i was tempted to go over to him and introduce myself as a relative, but i think from one look at me and my jewish skin, he would have realized I'm not a natural ginger...

anyway, i don't like to carry a lot of "things" when I'm out and about, so when i decided to draw, i didn't have a lot of "things" to do that with. plus, i haven't drawn outside for AGES...silly excuses. this is not why these drawings are a bit crap...they're crap, because I'm SHIT!

enjoy...ill put more up later when my pooter stops hating on me...
this is how i sulk when i haven't got anyone to sulk aloud to.

nice little sign i found on the pier whilst i was wobbling about after hours.

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